Shade - Ethel Cee

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"Who need Ray-Bans when there's this much shade?
Steady is the motto while your tryna get paid
and you stayed with the trade thinkin' you fadin',
but it's like they forgot you heavy up in the playpen.
The fame fiend.
Zombie staring up at the computer screen.
You been out for like two weeks online.
Put out a "best of" waiting for Questlove to give you a cosign
for tryin'.
It never came.
Now you on bovine
And that's dirty. Yeah.
Steady callin' that the sky's fallin.
Chicken George in skinny jeans on your Kid Cudi steez,
Everybody owes you.
Awww not you too.
Now I'm on edge waving white flags for you.
That's ok tho.
I seen it before, thirsty kids right at the door
it opened just a little and they itching begging for more
not even knowing if they could really handle all this sh*t.
At its best, its just such success in excess.
You wanted to be big timer.
I saw it the minute the first man came up to shake hands
and told you he was a fan.
You was a prima donna.
I saw it in your eyes you was a goner."

-Ethel Cee


from The Whole World's Watching Ep, released March 14, 2011
Lyrics and Vocals by Ethel Cee
Produced by Haj of Dumhi


all rights reserved